American born JUSTICE HOWARD has become something of an enigma in art circles around this globe of ours. To call JUSTICE HOWARD merely a 'photographer' would be a gross oversimplificaion. It would seem more fitting referring to her as a "visionary aesthetician". An artist who visualizes what the camera documents. The body of work she has created in her short career consists of an aesthetic architecture that enhances the female form and the personnas of the human condition in all its kaleidoscopic temperaments.
Artistically articulate, Justice Howard's work has attained greatness parallel to Herb Ritts & Annie Liebowitz. While being evocative, and often confronting, Justice Howard's work has always been precocious. Internationally renowned in over 25 countries Justice Howard's client list reads like an "artistic wish list". Seigfried & Roy, Dave Navarro, Waylon Jennings, Rich Little, Blue Man Group, Mamie Van Doren and hundreds of runway models and celebs have been captured by her lens and captured flawlessly. The visual author of literally hundreds of print features and dozens of anthologies, Howard has documented her aesthetics in hundreds of magazines and just as many highly successful art gallery exhibitions as well as hardcover coffeetable books. Justice Howard's photo embrace has outgrown that of her contemporaries as well as any "genre label".
After all is said and done, it seems far more appropriate to refer to her as a " temporal artiste' ". She captures the vision we all imagine but fail to actualize in this hurried labyrinth called life.


"Justice Howard is a visionary provocateur." ..........PLAYBOY

"She is a celebrant of all that is best in the art life of our culture." ...........CLIVE BARKER

"The best photographer who ever pointed a lens at me." ....WAYLON JENNINGS

"I decorated my house with her photography. She's one of my favorite artists.".......DAVE NAVARRO

"She spots composition in the curve of a thigh and can put operatic grandeur in the position of
an eyebrow." ...MAMIE VAN DOREN, pinup legend

”In the realm of photography her senses reign supreme.”….SYBIL DANNING, actress

”When you want the best. You go to the best.” ……DICK DALE

”This is the first time I have to agree with my old fashioned dad.”…..JIMMY DALE

"Her images are well-though-out-scenes from movies that don't exist beyond the mind of this well-respected photographer. Appearing as more than mere models, her subjects seem like dark characters from a noir thriller with a secret to hide.".....AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER magazine

”Justice Howard, her camera, her style, her artistic ability and all that Justice is, are forces to
be reckoned with. I have never looked so wonderful.”…….ANGELINA JOLIE

”Howard’s recent work transcends the bizarre, going beyond glamor and commercialism to the subliminal places where desire, violence and sensuality are illuminated by her dark, razor-sharp vision.”…..PUSH magazine

"This stylish & unique photographer captures a beguiling mixture of power & beauty."......FEMME FATALE magazine

”Her uncompromised work standard & breakthrough vision have earned her a seat at The Round Table with photographic greats Helmut Newton & Robert Mapplethorpe.”…..EROTICA L.A.

"Justice Howard's photos are intense explorations into the human condition via light & shadow. Each image becomes a looking glass to see more deeply into ourselves."............JOHN GILMORE

"Its almost the story of Cinderella. Justice started out as a model who had more brains than most, and now she's a world-class artist." ....SECRET MAGAZINE, Europe

”Justice’s originality and macabre sense of humor are always on display. The final products are unique and inspired, and different from any other!”
…….SIRENS of CINEMA magazine

"Looking at Justice Howards art is like getting sucked into a sexy whirlwind of razor blades, glass and opium. Dangerous as Hell. Euphoric as Heaven." ......TIM HEITKOTTER

"Knows cool before its cool, and then shoots it." .......STUDIO 54